Local Tea Party Welcomes Jay DeLancy

Tea Party Meets
Monday, July 9 at 11:30 am
Reynolda Library on Fairlawn Drive – Winston-Salem
“My three goals are to introduce people to the Voter Integrity Project
of NC is, to show them the types of activities we do and to show how
they can join our fight to stop vote fraud in November’s election.”
Jay DeLancy
Jay is originally from Raleigh, but spent more than 22 years all over
the world, while serving in the Army and Air Force. In February of
2011, he started the Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina with
encouragement from the Texas-based True the Vote and with the
collaborative help from other statewide voter integrity organizations
from across the US.
– Before retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force, he spent
more than ten years in Public Affairs and Strategic Communication,
doing work as diverse as handling media for a Presidential
inauguration, for military land-use challenges in Hawaii while also
planning conferences that were regularly attended by both Hillary and
– Adding to his MBA from University of Central Missouri, he recently
finished a Master’s degree in Journalism (with a government
concentration) from Regent University in Virginia Beach.
– Earlier this summer, his band of Patriots caused a ruckus when they
challenged the legality of 553 people who ducked jury duty by
convincing the court that they were not US citizens even though they
were registered to vote.

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