STEM Central Summer Workshops


This summer, e3 Robotics will push the boundaries of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. Starting the week of June 19th, e3 Robotics will host their STEM Central Summer Workshops at Greensboro Montessori School. Children in grades 1-12 will have an opportunity to explore a variety of STEM fields such as artificial intelligence, fashion and technology, underwater robotics and much more.

e3 Robotics, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Greensboro, North Carolina dedicated to promoting STEM education in NC. Their guiding purpose is to excite, educate, and encourage the innovators of tomorrow. Through cultivating a passion for STEM in students, e3 Robotics works to prepare children for their success in the world, open the doors to STEM to all people, as well as support educators and families in preparing children for their futures, and local community industry in their need of a capable workforce skilled in STEM.

Every year, e3 Robotics’ summer camps works to inspire Piedmont Triad students to become the trailblazers and leaders of the future who will create groundbreaking devices and solve complex issues in the world. Every year, students investigate through hands-on activities areas such as robotics, engineering, mechanics, electronics and programming. However, e3 Robotics took a different spin on their program with this year’s theme STEM Central, Pushing the Boundaries of STEM, which focuses on career exploration and the relevance of STEM in all aspects of life.

Part of e3 Robotics’ mission for this program is for students to develop a continuing interest in STEM fields that will lead to a pursuit of STEM vocations. That is why they have added STEM Immersion workshops for students ages 13-18 where they will have an opportunity to meet professionals in different STEM fields, or visit them through outings to STEM industry.

Another characteristic of e3 Robotics’ purpose is to show students how STEM and the soft skills of teamwork, critical thinking, and project management is relevant in every career field.

“e3Robotics encourages young men and women into the ongoing exploration of science. It’s single greatest significance for my children (aside from the fun, etc.) is its ability to encourage problem solving – a skill that is required regardless of your eventual career path…Not to mention that the career pathways of the future will all be touched by robotics in ways that we cannot yet anticipate,” said Tonya Riney, a parent of children involved with e3 Robotics, and member of e3 Robotics’ board, in an email.

Along with the in-class mini robotics tournaments and peer exercises designed to enhance students’ interpersonal and collaborative abilities, e3 Robotics decided to go one step further in stressing how STEM affects all areas of the working world. In adding an art component to their summer program, e3 Robotics investigates the science behind art fields such as game design, stop animation, digital and film photography, music production, and fashion design.

STEM Central Summer Workshops will take place at Greensboro Montessori School located at 2856 Horse Pen Creek Road, Greensboro NC 27410. Workshops will run on a week-long basis for seven weeks, starting the week of June 19th, and ending the week of August 7th (excluding the week of July 4th). Classes for each age group range from introductory, no experience required to intermediate with some experience required. For more information on workshop classes and registration visit, or contact Maria Rosato at 336-493-0403 and For discounts on registration, enter the following code: Su7VCrb.

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